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Escher Tiles, by rmni                                  [versão portuguesa]

When 3 legs are as good as 4.                                                                                                                                       The lame dog was wandering around, with his 3 legs, when he found the following site  www.eschertiles.com made by Steve Passiouras from Australia. Hands up, and after a 2 years void, he made this software, "EscherTiles by rmni", now on version 1.1. The program was made in english, for that Steve could use it easely, but a blilingue  version is coming up

Download EscherTiles by rmni v1.1

Dont forget to check the abou tab

Meanwhile, I already got some feedback opinion, which this one is the best:

From Pedro Pinto, Lagoa ()

I think that your foto is bad, bacause it shows that you love alcool, that is not good! And about your friends, they dont look very inteligent, i'm sorry, but they do

I only make programs in C and C++, althought I know how to program in Basic, I dont like it because it's very easy!

Bravo Pedro! I'm sure that you are a very good example for modern youth. If everybody did like you, always programming in C/C++, jerking around your computer, maybe our society would be better!


Diga-me o que mais gostou neste site: rmni@excite.com